If you're just beginning on your dance journey, you've come to the right page.

People admire dancers but find dance studios intimidating. They feel too old, curvy, uncoordinated and convinced it's too late to start. They're wrong.

Don't ever freeze up again with your same tired moves on loop when you're on the dance floor. Picture your friends (or ex) watching with dropped jaws as you pull out a moon walk, spin to the floor, rock some of that Charleston footwork and end it all with a slide across the floor. Go from awkward two-stepper to confident rug-cutter under our guidance bebe. This is self expression at its absolute finest. Get inspired, start dancing.
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Get both beginner courses in this pack for $99 USD, that's less than the price of 5 studio lessons and a saving of $59 USD. Boom.

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The perks

  • Learn how to own the dance floor

    From the moon walk to the running man, the body roll and mini-choreographies, you're learning every crowd pleaser move you'll ever need + the skills to string them together into different combos.

  • Short bite-sized lessons

    Each lesson covers a new skill and is between 3 - 10 minutes long. So you can learn and re-learn new dance skills every single day no matter what your schedule looks like.

  • Bonus resources

    Learn your dance history, and how it became woven into pop-culture. From Janet, to TLC, Vanilla Ice and Will Smith we've dropped some serious knowledge and dance inspo.

  • Bonus: curated Playlists

    Once you feel comfortable with the lessons, simply press mute on the videos and practise with one of our bonus curated music playlists. Think Afro-house, jazz, hip hop, funk and more.

  • Dance on your own terms

    No need to feel self conscious or dress the part boo. Online courses let you rewind, replay and pause whenever you like. Plus you get to designate your dance space around your lifestyle and schedule.

  • Health benefits on all fronts.

    Scientific research cites dance as the MOST superior exercise for achieving holistic physical and mental health. A self expressive art form with cardio, endorphins and mind-body connection. Boom.

You know that moment where your friends are like 'HOW DID YOU LEARN TO DANCE LIKE THAT?'

No? Well you better get started.


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Great explanation


I really appreciate the gentle step-by-step nature of these courses and the cool bonus notes that came with each module. The online courses fill the big Groove Therapy shaped hole in my heart now that I no longer live in Brisbane!

Love the variety and clear instruction


I loved the variety of fun moves and dances. I also love the clear instruction for progressions (lots of other online dance courses are lacking this). The history that is detailed behind all these dance moves are very inspiring too.

It's fun!


I loved the breakdown of the moves and the repetition repetition! Do it 'til you get it right. It was fun, I laughed a lot.

Meet me, your Groove Therapist

Vanessa Varghese

Groove Therapy Founder

Vanessa Varghese

So throughout my life, I've trained across New York, Paris, Berlin, London, Tokyo, Australia, Brazil and my purple bedroom. In a nutshell, my professional dance credits include an Adidas sponsorship and movement direction for Victoria's Secret, Nike, Bonds, G-star RAW and MTV. But look, in all honesty, I really just dance for my mental wellbeing. So in 2016 I hired out a small community hall with no mirrors, dimmed the lights and held a beginners dance class. Turns out people liked it because that little community class has now grown into an international movement. Crazy. So now, I want to level up with this online series and spread the groove further. This isn't about working within the world of professional dancers, it's about making the brilliance of dance open to all walks of life. It's never too late to start learning. I hope you'll join the fam. Stay updated via my instagram @vanessamarian_

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    ALL FOUR courses. Cover basic grooves, party dances, footwork, floor work and choreography across the entire online series. Save $137 while you're at it.
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    $499.00All Courses + Personal Coaching

    What's better than signing up for all four courses? Adding 2 x personal coaching sessions too. Skype or New York consultation - your choice. Level up!
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You'd easily pay upward of $5000 to learn and drill these techniques in a studio.

With the Beginner's Package deal, you can pause, rewind and replay all our beginner's content for just one payment of $99. That's unlimited lesson replays for less than the price of 5 studio lessons.

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