• How experienced do I need to be?

    None, zero, zip, zilch. You can be convinced that you are the worst dancer in the world and you can do this course. Or you could be an amazing bedroom dancer who just wants to learn some techniques and skills. Either way we break everything down so that you can learn these skills without any prior dance knowledge. The best bit is you can hit pause, rewind and replay whenever you like to take class at your own pace.

  • What kind of dance is it?

    Each of these courses touches on street dance styles. This means you're learning predominantly social dances that were born outside of the formal dance studio context. Think hip hop, house and iconic party dances.

  • Can I do these classes with my kids?

    Absolutely you can! Just to be transparent though, there is the odd song in the Party Dances course (being a hip hop course) that uses some adult lyrics. If that's not an issue for you, then it's time to dance battle against your kids and show them who's boss.

  • Am I too old?

    Does age matter?

  • I have injuries and/or disabilities. Can I still do the class?

    Whilst we are all for maximizing accessibility, each of us is so unique in our needs that we can't 100% guarantee that you'll be fine. If you're unsure, send us an email at detailing where you're at and we'll give you an honest answer. Overall though, you know your body best.

  • What do I wear?

    Baby, whatever you like really. We personally like our street gear, baggy tees, trackies and kicks. For our weekly classes we recommend comfortable exercise gear and any sort of sneaker or sport shoe, but you're at home - wearing pants is optional.

  • Can I watch these classes off a TV screen?

    You can cast your device to a TV using a number of gadgets and cords that are available on the interwebs. This will allow your TV to mirror whatever shows up on your screen.

  • I think my brand/workplace/event needs to collab with you, how do I get in touch?

    YEW! Send all enquiries and general compliments to and we'll suss the potential for a collab.