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Ummm so even my mum loves it?

I have spent years preaching the benefits of dance to people who are scared of taking dance class. I had no idea this whole time that my gorgeous mum had always secretly wanted to dance, yet never told me.

The best part? Starting dance opened up a whole new world for my mum, who has now joined the gym, taken up painting and even meditates daily. She has become a vibrant dose of sunshine since reconnecting with her body, life and sense of vitality. Mum you are my biggest inspiration


I get it, dance studios are intimidating.

There's mirrors, there's fast choreography and there's a room full of people with different needs and different skill levels. This is dance class on your own terms. You have the ability to pause, rewind and replay. It's not too late to start learning, I promise!

a woman dances in her bedroom and speaks to her anxiety around stepping into a dance studio.